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Treat People

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What is brooqLy

brooqLy is a disruptive new social network with real-world actions that allows its users to purchase, send and receive Treats from collaborating shops.

Treats are Food, Beverage and various Gifting products that shop owners upload to the brooqLy platform in the form of a catalog, with a purchase price.

What brooqLy features

Get Connected

Create your brooqLy Universe by importing friends from your Phone’s contact list and various social networks.

Explore & Engage
Ready to conquer your fear of missing out? brooqLy’s News Feed lets you exchange experiences with friends, because why miss out on all the fun?
Share & Inspire

Are you having a great time or just received a Treat? Post it and let your friends know how awesome you are. 

Chat & Bond

Keep the conversation going, whether you’re out, in town or cozy at home. Say “Thank You” if you receive a Treat and deepen your relationship with loved ones!

Stay Updated
Never miss a beat! Our robust Notification System keeps you updated on the latest happenings.
Treat & Spread Joy

Spread smiles and create meaningful connections by sending delightful surprises in just a few taps.

Speak Your Language
We want all of our users to feel at home when using our app. Thus, every time we enter a new country, we implement its regional settings.
Pay with Peace of Mind

Send Treats worldwide, hassle-free with brooqLy’s real-time currency exchange tool. Know exactly what you pay and ensure worry-free, cross-border treating.

Treating Modes

The user can select a catalog item from a variety of collaborating shops, and choose who they’d like to purchase and send a thoughtful treat to.

This mode gives global access to our Shops List, and allows even cross-countries treating, but only between “Connected Users”.

The User is asked to “check-in” at one of the collaborating Shops and then gains access to all other Users that have chosen to “check-in”.

This mode allows to treat “connected Users“ but also “non-connected users” who are present at the selected Shop.

The User follows the same process as in “Remote Mode” by selecting a collaborating eShop. The recipient User needs to provide a delivery address.

This mode allows for delivery at the recipient’s home using the transportation means of the selected eShop.